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Why become a Koala Servers Partner!

Are you a Content Creator, Streamer, or own a gaming community? Are you looking to get a sponsorship for a free or discounted server or Web hosting? – Then you have found your partner! Here at Koala Servers we want to help and provide for everyone no matter where they are in the gaming industry; whether you are a high end gaming site with thousands of views, or a newly created Youtube channel looking for a break, we will be able to help everyone!

Too all of our partners we provide a free gaming server so you can cut costs. Be it for your entire community, or so you can play with your followers. We’ll keep it up to date, secure, and performing to expectations. As long as there is a benefit for everyone, the server is yours.

We provide free web hosting and a domain to all of our partners. No matter if they are hosting their entire communities website or just your personal streaming page, We will help.

We understand the overhead required to run a successful community or create quality content. Koala Servers wants to see its Communities and creators thrive and does offer cash sponsorships to some. Please be aware that cash sponsorships are very rare and are often granted after a trial period.

Working with us pays off, and that is in the form of commissions from all products that people you refer to us buy. For all new clients referred to us, you get a percentage of each sale, up to 20% of each sale(And yes, since they are recurring products, the longer they stay, the more you get). You get a custom link, and full stats to see how well you’re performing.

I have a Gaming community, What requirements are there?

As each situation is a little different. We do not have “Solid” requirements for gaming communities, but we also do not let everyone in. Generally, the following criteria will work as a minimum requirement:

  • Active community of at least 6 months
  • Established website or online presence
  • Community of 100 or more active users
  • In no way for profit (No non-profit registration needed, but additionally beneficial)

I'm a Youtuber, what are my requirements?

Youtubers are a breed their own, so we do have some minimums that need to be met in order to be considered for partnership. Below is a list of minimum requirements:

  • 1,000+ Subscribers
  • Atleast 2 videos a month
  • 500 Facebook followers OR 1000 Twitter followers

I'm a streamer, what are my requirements?

Streamers are our favorite people, mainly because they get to interact with their audience, but because they are our favorite, we have a little more of a heavy requirement for them. Bellow are the minimum requirements:

  • 400+ Followers/Subscribers
  • 3 Streams a week on a set schedule (slight adjustments are fine)
  • Facebook with 200+ Fans OR Twitter with 500+ Followers

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